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Research & Academia

The web solution requirements of academic, governmental and independent research groups can differ greatly from that of other web users. A research group web site has to reflect the needs of a numerous individuals within the research team and web solutions developed for prior and clients reflect that need.

Active Server Pages (ASP) generating content from information maintained within a database is an ideal mechanism for a research group who wishes to deliver up-to-date online information for clients & customers. With the emphasis on content, images are minimal and standardised across all pages within the site; reducing download times and increasing efficiency.

As new research opportunities are identified and pursued, can assist in the expansion of a clients web site on a negotiated day-rate basis.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.
Small Business

Not all businesses will depend on the Internet for their success, but the majority can benefit from a web presence. A professionally designed and presented web site can perform many roles for the small business. For many, it will play a key role by establishing a 'virtual storefront', accessible by a worldwide market.

Generating a web site for a new business has 3 minimum requirements.

· Identification and registration of a suitable domain name.
· Space on a Web Server on which to host your web site.
· Design, uploading and maintenance of your web pages.

ThisIsMe web services can provide solutions to all 3 minimum requirements and will, more importantly, liaise with yourself to provide a web solution specific to the needs of your small business.

A web-link to your web page included within both web-based and conventional marketing material will allow an Internet enabled customer access to information on your full range of services or products. The complexity of the site will vary depending on the business. ThisIsMe will develop a solution specific to your needs.

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to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.
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